20 thoughts on “Home Decor Haul

  1. Omg, gorgeous and the decor looks nice too….lol just poking a little fun. You need a show. Here's an idea.
    You and a fan go shopping together for a particular room, day 1 film yourselves spending the day shopping, eating, talking, laughing, etc. day 2 spend the day decorating said room. day 3 the final reveal.
    Key factor, It has to be fun, the running around from store to store, struggling with the many bags to carry. And it should be centered around women just starting out, over. I don't know my thoughts just ran wild. Wait, did I just produce "from drab to fab"?! Remember, I get a free make over and 10% for promoting the idea….lol.

  2. Oh la la j adore , que de magnifiques decorations, vous avez bien de la chance en Amerique, en France on a pas tout ça,,, je reve d avoir un magasin Zgallerie

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  4. I love your taste and styling but you tend to over explain everything and have a very long intro. I wish that you would post the time where we could skip a head to the actual point of the video. Again, everything you found was beautiful and you give us all some great ideas- just wish it was done in a shorter video

  5. You remind me of my mom so much, she’s really into interior decorating and everything she does really goes together! ❤️

  6. Hi Nitra. Love love love the videos. Quick question where did you buy your bed. We are purchasing at the end of the year and I’m in love with the bed. I live it Tuscaloosa so if you purchased it in Alabama I don’t mind driving to the store.

  7. makes me wanna drag bae down to the housing stores but we need nothing else. We have an apartment tour video. issa hit, I guess lol…. Congrats on the items. They will look lit and poppington in your plush, divine place !

  8. "I don't need luck, I got God." Yesss boo! And is it just me or does every Black person have at least one elephant in their home?

  9. Your beauty kept me captivated in this video. As a woman it is so nice to watch another beautiful women showing beautiful house decor!! One day I'll be you lol

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