20 thoughts on “Are Angels Real?

  1. they are real if god don't have angels he will be very tired and god do not like demons so he have angels

  2. I think angels are indeed real because my grandma claimed to have seen an angel while lying in a hospital bed

    And it's pretty believable but opinions are opinions 🙂

  3. I thank angle is rela because im scaeerd because if you say thay are not rrle thay will come aftjet you

  4. Most of you guys need to read the Bible more cause the knowledge you sharing really makes you sound stupid

  5. I think angels are real because my grandmother was having to do heart surgery and she thought she wasn't going to make it then she saw her dad who died a long time ago but he didn't have wings or anything like that he looked how he looked the day he died

  6. I think angels are real because if thay wornt real we would not be alive because god is a type of angel

  7. There are so many things that I want to say, but people would be ticked and there would be a massive argument so I will keep to myself.

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