This Award-Winning Documentary was made back in our student days of 2013, as part of a University project during our time at York St John University. The film was later submitted and screened at several global Film Festivals, and went on to win the awards stated above. We wanted to documentary to offer a Channel 4-esque, behind-the-scenes insight into the film; and bring each individual viewer along with us on a journey. Although this work was by no means perfect and suffered great issues throughout the filming process, it was stated that our “initiative, creativity, structure, research, involvement and exploration of the film, content and media as a whole” that really struck a chord with the judging panels.”A work to be proud of for years to come.” – Robin Small.


14 thoughts on “A Journey Into Spiritualism

  1. To see all these young fellows say they aren't sure if they believe, makes me no resist saying: "Would you believe in your life, and that learning is sure along life? So, with spiritualism is the same. Time itself will make you see what you shall come to see.

  2. the wordless choir music was beautiful. And Let There Be Peace On Earth is what we always ended our service with in Oklahoma. I am a Spiritualist, not only because of the messages given which proved it, but especially because of all the books I read concerning it and what the other side is about, much to the surprise of those who have gone over and have come back to tell about it through a medium. In this era there is still much disbelief and very little investigation into this subject. Because of my searching I have become a firm believer and it has really encouraged me through the years! Most of my family has gone on and I have received definite messages from them which are very evidential and things only I would know.

  3. As a medium I'm very glad to see videos like this being produced to more accurately show to the public what we do and how we do it.

  4. i used to sit in open circle with gary, hes a good bloke. york spiritualist centre is a really friendly place.

  5. Mediiums see,hear and sense Spirit people. The lady,think she is the president, is at best mistaken as to what clairsentience is ,it is not information coming into the mind but as the name Clairsjjntience is sensing of Spirit persons. It would be rather rundundant to have two lots of informstio coming through mind of the medium. also from what one could see of the medium on the platform. She appeared not to give thepersonalties of the spirit individuals just vauge thing about curtains. etc Ido know for a fact Spirit do not communicate without giving a description their personalties, they are not blank slates. What Icould be seen from this video this medium is just giving from thre Zauric field. Icannot for the life of me think that aspirit comes to talk just about curtains and then move on A Spirit individual communicates for a specific reason we are Spirit incarnate gaining experiences for the Soul or consciouness,s expansion in the cosmic scale of things I have sern that passes for mediumship and it is not At the moment auric reading seems to be the norm not valid Mediumship. So please use commonsense when going into a spiritualist at this moment give no information,or talk about eho you are hoping for br cautiious There is genuine mediumship out there in Spiritualism but when it is too much info about past events and descriptions orcharacteristics then more than likely it is psychic imptessions. zGgenuine mediumship helps one to know that life i is eternal

  6. Lovely piece of work. It is so nice to see how people react when they find out that there is no death. Heart-warming!

  7. What was nice about this was that you all were open minded and kind. I felt you kept to the middle and didn't take sides and were respectful which is how journalism used to be. This was a perfect, beautifully made documentary.

  8. more, well deserved credit Gemma & Team, Congratulaionts for the Royal Television Society Award.  A pleasure to work with you and participate in your documentary. May your success continue.  Kind regards, Yvonne

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