10 Clear Signs You Are Being Contacted by a Spirit
By Soul Science
August 25, 2016


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20 thoughts on “10 Clear Signs You Are Being Contacted by a Spirit

  1. Everytime am alone i hear my nane or my mums or my oldersister and usally they hear it to usally that NEVER happens but i gues ghosts can do anything right?

  2. My sister recently passed and I have been receiving physical signs from her, such as, a white feather with hints of gray landed on my thigh, the Angel numbers 999 and minutes afterwards the Angel numbers 6666, both in plain sight….
    I'm an open vessel to receiving spiritual guidance and messages. Pay attention and don't ignore the signs…..Blessings❤

  3. thanks,ill never sleep again!my light flickered last night,its one of the new led bulbs so,thats normal,picture frames on my mantle move angle,ive been keeping them straight but I find them at odd angles,just one at a time,i leave my bedroom door open,im the only person in the house,but often find it closed,i never touch it,no reason to close it,why would I close it.i hear walking about in that room too,and what sounds like somebody jumping off the bed onto the floor,i put it down to the house cooling down to help me,but ive never heard it while im in the room,thats odd,and I get goose bumps for no reason,sudden cold shivers.yet I don't feel threatened,its ok,call ghost busters.

  4. Higher self can you tell whose the woman called my named?. I don't have contact on her but she's in me.

  5. In my house I was outside, and the milk just fall down and I was so scared! And I can hear someone calling me!

  6. I have seen shadows out of the corner of my eye and i have heard my name called when i was completely alone.

  7. Once I saw a full black shadow and it was walking to my mom room and than I went to the kitchen and than I saw 2 more

  8. I wonder I dated a girl who claimed to be a spirit possessing a girl. But one day she, the spirit that is went away and the girl's personality changed on the spot. Since then I've noticed several of these signs. I wonder could it be her. Is it even possible to fall in love with a spirit, or am I just crazy?

  9. 1) Light flickering

    2) Shadowy figures

    3) Unexplained airflow/temperature changes

    4) Hearing your name being called

    5) Dream visitations

    6) Small objects being moved

    7) Smells/Aroma/Fragrance

    8) Apparitions

    9) Symbols/Numbers/Synchronicities

    10) huh, must have missed one…

  10. I have notice my light blink about 3 times.!! Also the temperature goes up to.! I also remember a piece of paper fall to the floor to all these things happen one night it was strange thats all.!!!

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