20 thoughts on “The Spirit World and Life after Death

  1. No one has experienced death and come back to tell about it > HENCE the words NEAR DEATH experiences> you do not have the answers by mentioning evil and good and that is the biggest clue that you are only running religious doctrines and not reality > Check out Edward Austrain and others like him and NOTICE they are much TO YOUNG to lie about such things. Edward brought with him the nocebo effect so ZEN from THERE.

  2. I believe in God but life after death scares me cause what if it's not true which scares me and gives me anxiety attacks, but I do believe in god.

  3. What utter stupid nonsense. Humans are the result of evolution. We were not in Gods image, as God is a spirit without form. We use the bodies here to live and gain experience, but no one created us, we just followed the biological direction that life was meant to follow, 2 arms,legs, head and brain.There are billions of others planets full of life, and they also followed the same guidelines, but wont look like us. We are products who are dependent on the planet we live on. This guy has done way too much acid and Mushrooms.

  4. The Scriptures tell us…if you are a Christian believer…that we will not remain in the Spirit world forever….Because of Christ's resurrection, we will all come forth from the so called grave….with immortal perfected physical bodies, some more glorious than others…..that is if you are a Christian believer…and of course, you are entitled to your own beliefs……..but I fully and totally trust in Jesus Christ and know where my eternity will depend from.

  5. Jesus Christ is the only way to God . Repent and believe and watch your lives change from death to life under the power of the Holy Spirit

  6. can we feel see and understand when we are in spirit realm and continue like our this life
    can we see our beloved ones there

  7. Listen, do not take this seriously and start living your life as any casual moment suddenly has a important meaning is wrong. This video should give warnings to young people. This video is only an example of what each and every human has

  8. Remember that we don't live on bread or water only but also with every words that comes out of God's mouth. Human is : body, mind, and soul. Your soul is: emotion, mind and will. We don't contain a spirit we are a spirit. Remember that the devil utilize your body if you give him power so if you do he will corrupt your soul thru your body. Your body is very important which make all of us legal. Demons and Satan are illegal upon this physical earth. For something to be touch, smell or hear it has to have a body. So a bunch of pastors are preaching of Jesus but miss out of what Jesus was preaching which is the kingdom of God. Many church preach about prosperity and blessing. Search the kingdom of heaven first and all things will be added on to. We should pray for fear, then when we fear God which is respect him, we will have wisdom. Then we will know how to pray to Christ to get those blessings. Remember the kingdom is near, and God's judgement is hanging. Enjoy a holy life for we will be judge whether it good or bad. Have a bless day

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