We decided to visit a tech store in Las Vegas shortly after CES 2018! Welcome to Fry’s Electronics…

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20 thoughts on “Better than Micro Center? We Visited Fry’s Electronics in Las Vegas

  1. Can someone please explain to me how all the graphics cards in the usa have been bought out.. thats seems a little impossible.. or at least explain this minning of graphics cards B.S!!

  2. God, having lived in Vegas for 14 years, it's super strange to see all these familiar routes and landmarks that these two are driving around

  3. The frys in my town stopped this from happening. They basically only put 1 of each GPU out and make it look as if stock is low. When someone asks if they have a GPU in stock they ask if you're mining or gaming and they just straight up limit miners to 1 GPU. Idk if it's a franchise thing or just the amazing employees having a pact with ach other but it's hilarious. Source: I bought a gtx 1080 for $550 from them

  4. When I was building my pc I mostly used Newegg/Amazon but I do like to goto the store to actually look at items problem is Best Buy is my only choice in NJ. Their employees were harassing me so bad while I was looking at product reviews online that I just left and went online to do the build.

  5. Awesome videos, Im a subscriber! QUESTION…

  6. That exact store is where I built my 1 pc. Thermaltake Commander snow Edition FX 8350 gigabyte GA 78lmt usb3 motherboard GTX 960 4 gig 750w power supply and of course a Corsair h55 AIO I bought two setups like that cost me about 1300 dollars

  7. go on YOUTUBE … and look up A-TECH^PCS and subscribe to our youtube channel…. THE SCIENCE STUDIO was MY inspiration to start my own channel.

  8. I'm going there the 9th of next month. The only other vacation I've been on in my life was Florida. For 3 days. Looks like fun… IF you had the money unlike me. I guess I could look lol

  9. i wish amd and nvidia could tweak there architectures just enough to not effect performance but it would make it impossible to cryptomine with

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