An insight into how breadboards work. Build with me! As I build a simple led circuit. Subscribe for more!


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20 thoughts on “How to use a BreadBoard – Electronics Basics 10

  1. can teach how to pass the command of the arduino to the breadboard.. pls This video was a great one tho.. Thanks

  2. Nice video. Wouldn't it be easier just to put the second and the third LED below the first one, without the additional wiring?

  3. Hey did you need to download a driver for your Sunfounder Uno? I'm having unknown device issues on my windows 8.1 🙁

  4. This is a very good way of doing experiments. I am a guitarist and I am constantly tone chasing. I will take a breadboard like this (only 4x bigger) and play around with pedals to see what does what. Just going from a .049 mF Orangedrop capacitor to a .030 mF value will change the tone significantly. I will modify pedals, potentiometers and circuits to see what does what. A great tool.

  5. This must be a constant current power supply because of the led nearest to the power seems to be the brightest (getting the most current?)

  6. Please no more background music. Its always distracting, and even worse – usually awful! Otherwise, another decent video.

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