Picking up computers, electronics and scrap metal. Reselling vintage stuff VLOG

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I use this winch hitch lift on my truck:
Larin TGL-500 Hitch Lift
Amazon.com (USA): https://amzn.to/2uFkZRe
Amazon.ca (Canada): http://amzn.to/2FGGLbQ

I use this electric wire stripper:
Portable Powered Electric Wire Stripping Machine
https://goo.gl/mjUcdc (Canada ebay.ca) (Affiliate link)
https://goo.gl/1HJBLw (USA ebay.com) (Affiliate link)
https://goo.gl/MffZr2 (UK ebay.co.uk) (Affiliate link)
https://goo.gl/w9Wfiw (AU ebay.com.au) (Affiliate link)

Manual Portable Hand Tire Changer:
ebay.com (USA): https://goo.gl/E7ixqa
ebay.ca (Canada): https://goo.gl/RYC7Dj
ebay.co.uk (UK): https://goo.gl/VqmxRK
ebay.com.au (Australia): https://goo.gl/kz5VzD
ebay.de (Germany): https://goo.gl/tKJTWM

I use this weigh scale: Saga 86LB Postal Scale
https://goo.gl/AztdLs (Canada ebay.ca) (Affiliate link)
https://goo.gl/xnUWNm (USA ebay.com) (Affiliate link)
https://goo.gl/ZT8h1b (UK ebay.co.uk) (Affiliate link)
https://goo.gl/xxuGXw (AU ebay.com/au) (Affiliate link)

—————More stuff—————-

Check out my interview with Jay from Scavengerlife.com

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16 thoughts on “Picking up computers, electronics and scrap metal. Reselling vintage stuff VLOG

  1. Go buy 4×4 post and stain them and replace those trusses with that and it will turn out looking nicer in the end if you really car. You can take 1 out at a time and put new 4×4 in then go to the next one..

  2. Deisel saves fuel…using used vegetable oil could be almost free fuel. Being rural it is a no brained…lastly fit a HHO kit – fuel cost saving of 30% and 10% more power,it is classed as an additive insurance wise.

  3. You shoul check if someone around you is buying boards and get some bins for motherboards, medium grade, powerboards, and when it gets full just sell, just lyke eWasteBen.

  4. Nice progress on the project. After watching this video, the carpenter in me, going on 30 years now, always thinking how I would solve that issue you have with the collar ties on the rafters. Try this. Adjust the size of your first sheet so that the seam of sheet 2 and 3 splits your collar ties. This will cause you to have a notch on the upper part of sheet 2 and the lower part of sheet 3. This will make you have to cut the first sheet but it will be easier in the long run for a couple of reasons. One being your long tape seam between 2 and 3 will be broken by the beam and will be less noticeable. Keep in mind though it may create another tape seam at the top but that may not even matter, depending on the width of the ceiling. Good luck with the rest of the RENO. Love the channel. Been scrapping myself most of my life.

  5. Hey Uber,I am starting a restoration channel.do you have a any old not working drills or air tools,I would leave you channel in description and I would pay for shipping,I love your channel and I’ve been watching it for a long time.good work man

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