13 thoughts on “Tips For Spiritual Battle: distance

  1. Pastor David I asked if someone like a pastor rub oil and your forehead and spoke in tongues and you fell backwards into a sleep trance, what is this call or what is happening to you?

  2. Great message! Thank you! Do you by any chance know the name of the ex-muslim scholar woman who converted to christianity. I would love to learn more from her

  3. Repent and be baptized for the remission of your sins so you can receive the Holy Ghost or you will surely perish, when you have the Holy Ghost then speaking in the unknown language will come upon you, Amen.
    Don't waste your time with wishy washy Christians who walk in darkness, talking the talk but not walking the walk.
    Drink not of alcohol or any other ingestion of sober destroying toxins as you don't know the day or time of Jesus coming so you need to be sober at all times, don't listen to false teachers who tell you anything other than this truth. Christian means Christlike so don't call yourself one if you do anything other than being hungry for the Holy Ghost so you can talk in the unknown language of God and walk with him in truth. Amen.

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