Baby It's Cold Outside Controversy Explained - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 139

Baby It’s Cold Outside Controversy Explained – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 139
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The lyrics of Baby It’s Cold Outside have come under fire in the #MeToo era. I go full social justice warrior and explain why the song is about Date Rape and should be banned forever!


20 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside Controversy Explained – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 139

  1. Spot on. Please let’s shut these sjw millennial’s down and expose how ridiculous and annoying they really are. Move out of your parents house get a real job and pay real bills, get a sense of humor and please of the love of GOD find a real cause to get behind.

  2. Lmfao…I’m seeing a different side of you, JP 😳 Lol, I just wanted to know what all the hubbub was about and I got yelled at by (usually) the chillest dude ever 🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. I have seasonal depression disorder… your forceful holiday greeting has triggered me. I must retreat to a safe-space before I melt. Something, something… patriarchy and oppression!!

  4. I have a rape whistle, only rapist can hear it. There are a lot of rapist out there, be safe open carry a condom, heaven forbids that you'll have enough time to slip it on your attackers 😉

  5. "The world's got enough problems, and luckily I'm here to find more problems instead of solving any of them." – Best line here.

  6. Baby its cold outside is about "date rape", then grandma ran over by reindeer is about a hit and possible drinking and driving. Santa coming to town is about a peeping tom.

  7. Here's one that tops the old Christmas song. Now they're saying that a male doing CPR on a unconscious woman is rape. It just keeps getting better all the time.- smh

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